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    Tropic Escape Hibiscus
    Tropic Escape Hibiscus
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Welcome to Bernecker’s Nursery
For decades Bernecker’s Nursery has been synonymous with fine quality palms as well as other superior quality interior tropical plants. Whether you need two plants or two hundred, all of our plants are given hours of tender loving care, right up to the moment that they are hand-selected and shipped. We would be honored to supply you with the best plants we have to offer.

Grown in Hawaii

Bold, Beautiful, and Easy
An interior decorator’s dream plant, the Cane or Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii) has graceful stalks and beautiful dark green, feathery leaves. It’s as adaptable as it is gorgeous; bamboo palms thrive in almost any room in the house. We grow our Bamboo palms in low light conditions so that when they are placed indoors they instantly adapt.
The Hawaiian Royalty
Two of our most regal palms are grown on the island of Hawaii where they are gently nurtured through their early days, then shipped to us in Florida where we carefully prepare them for home conditions.

1. Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) is an elegant palm that thrives indoors and grows relatively slowly so it can be enjoyed for many years.

2. Rhapis excelsa palm, often called Lady Palm, has gorgeous dark green fan-shaped fronds. It remains compact and never outgrows its indoor setting.
Tropic Escape Hibiscus
You’ve not seen hibiscus like these before. Swirling, ruffled blossoms measure seven inches wide and come in a showy range of amazing colors. Bigger, more flamboyant than regular hibiscus, Tropic Escape hibiscus offer single and double flowers. They add instant tropical impact to patios, decks, and porches. Simply stunning!
Decorative Living Art
Tablescape your interior spaces with plants that mimic fine art. We offer three elegant options.

1. Bonsai. Our Asian-inspired bonsai trees prove that plants can be sculpted into living pieces of art.

2. Cactus & Succulents. For a sunny tabletop, our handcrafted textural cactus and succulent gardens provide extraordinary beauty and low maintenance.

3. Lucky Bamboo. These sculptural plants enhance a variety of settings. And no two are exactly alike.

Each one also makes an elegant, long-lasting gift plant.
Lechuza's High Style Meets Plant Perfection
Showing off your favorite plants is oh-so easy with self-watering pots from Lechuza. They combine high-design with practicality and come in a wide variety of decorator colors, lovely shapes, and sizes. You won’t hide these stylish pots in a corner; you’ll want them front and center in your interior design scheme.
We proudly sell Lechuza pots.
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